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If you’ve made the next questions to yourself at least once in your lifetime:

  • Do you think you might be a troll?
  • The troll inside you doesn’t let you sleep?
  • You think you’re a troll but you aren’t sure?
  • Many people tell you that you’re a troll?

Then you desperately need Dr. Sigmund Troll’s services!

In a few sessions, he will tell you if you’re a natural born troll and either help you out to get rid of the troll inside you or take it out of the closet.

Other trolling related services offered, please read full description.

Note: price is per hour of service. At least one hour must be paid in advance.

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All of us have a troll buried deep inside. Some think they don’t have it, others know they have it but don’t know how to control it, and a few others embrace it.

― Dr. Sigmund Troll, “I’m here for you” speech to the Terminal Support Group
of the Massachusetts Institute of Trolling, Feb/2256

Dr. Sigmund Troll is here to help you out on your troll-related problems. Some of the services offered by him are:

  • Helping you find the troll buried deep inside your heart and bring it out to the world.
  • Teaching you how to channel your depression, anxiety and other mind/heart problems through your inner troll.
  • Giving you the tools to control it.

Now, if you’re too lazy to learn or you simply need a troll hitman of sorts, you can also rely on the Doc if you need to:

  • Control and enslave trolls present on your social networks, forums or websites.
  • Provide inflammatory contents on your posts on your enemies’ social networks, forums or websites (without falling into false accusations, harassment or anti-ethical behaviors).
  • Bring some benign trolling to some place with sharp comments and memes (without crossing the limits of Article 13 in the UK).

These -and more- services can be provided by a small rate! Just ask in the discussions tab and the Doc’s assistant will gladly enlighten you.


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