The BCF Marketplace behaves like any other online store:

  1. You browse the product listings,
  2. You add something to your cart,
  3. You checkout and pay,
  4. Your order is processed.

But considering that here you pay with multiple cryptocurrencies instead of a single banking gateway, some procedures and considerations need to be known beforehand.

First of all: create your account

Using the BCF Marketplace is as simple as using any store. You just browse, add to cart, checkout and pay. Yet there are two requirements:

You need to have an account on this marketplace.

Just click on “Login/register” at the menu, enter your email or select the Social Network Login button of your choice:

If you decide to enter your email to register, you’ll receive a message with your login credentials (which you can change afterwards) and a link to validate your account. Just follow the instructions.If you decide to login using a Social Network, you just need to authorize it as you do on any other websites that have Single Sign On capabilities.

You need to have an account on Blockchain Financial and funded wallets.

For security reasons, marketplace accounts aren’t linked to Blockchain Financial user accounts. In order to pay for items on the marketplace, you need to have coins to pay with, and those coins must be present on your BCF website account.You can create an account on the BCF account registration page:

Click here to create an account now.

Not all vendors accept all coins

It is up to the vendors to decide which coins they accept for the items they sale on their stores. We encourage them to show which coins -if not all- are accepted when a shopper intends to purchase something from them:

If that’s not present on the product’s description, when you proceed to checkout and the payment wizard comes forth, you’ll notice:

Physical items should have shipping cost included

We don’t provide shipping cost calculators, so, vendors must include shipping cost details on their products. If you can’t see those details either on the products or the vendor’s store, you can always send them comments and ask for specific costs to your location, then, when placing the order, add the required amount to the payment in the order.

If you experience issues with a vendor, tell us!

If you buy something, you make the payment and you don’t receive further notification from the vendor, just go to our contact page and give us all pertinent information so we can start an investigation.

Do you want to start your own store?

This marketplace is yours too! Just take a look at these instructions to get your store up and running!