If you want to sell goods and services on this marketplace, you first need to create an account on Blockchain Financial and upgrade it to Premium. It has a small entry fee, but gives you a bunch of benefits. Click here to check all of Blockchain Financial’s products and plans.

Step 1: set basic store information on the marketplace

Click on “My Store” on the main menu bar. Your store dashboard will show:

Then click on the “Store Settings” button. The next form will be shown:

Set the shop name, information and description.

Note: your shop’s URL will be identified by the slugged version of your shop name (that is, replacing spaces by dashes, transliterating special characters and bringing them to lower case). So if you decide to name your store “My awesome little shop” the slug should be “my-awesome-little-shop“, and the URL should be:


At the end of the form you’ll see the next section:

Leave these fields empty for now.

Save the form and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: register a website on Blockchain Financial’s CryptoWiz page

Note: basic Blockchain Financial users can register websites on CryptoWiz, but only premium users can set IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) on their CryptoWiz buttons.

Login to Blockchain Financial and go to “CryptoWiz” on the main menu. If you don’t have any website registered, you’ll see the next splash:

Just hit on “Add a website” at the top or “I have a website, I want to register it!” at the bottom. Then you’ll see the website data form:

Follow the instructions to fill the form. Pay special attention to the following fields:

  • Shorthand identifier: set your shop slug as described earlier (for “My Awesome Little Shop”, the slug should be “my-awesome-little-shop”).
  • Main URL: paste the URL of your store as described earlier.
  • Icon or logo: though it isn’t mandatory, an icon will make your store more appealing on the CryptoWiz websites listing.
  • Allow leeching: set it to no.

Submit the form and your website will be ready for adding a button to process payments for it.

Step 3: create a payment processing button

Once the websites browser refreshes, click on “Create button” on the website actions bar:

Let’s focus on the main aspects for the button kind we’re creating:

Button name

This field is actually unneeded, but you should set a name to easily identify it on the buttons browser. Something like “BCF Market payment processor” will be more than self-explanatory.

Appearance settings

Anything here is also unneeded. Only the caption, but also used for informative purposes. Setting it to “Pay now” will suffice.

Coin settings

This is where the fun begins:

  • The request type should be left as “Suggest the amount(s)”.
    This is important because there will be a fiat to crypto conversion on the marketplace.
    Do not set it to fixed! People will find it hard to convert cryptos to fiat with 8 decimal digits.
  • Select the “Multiple coins, converted from fiat value” option.
  • Set the amount requested in fiat to 0.01 (one cent) and leave the USD symbol selected.
    This has to be specified this way for two reasons:

    1. The minimum amount for a transaction on the marketplace is set to one cent. Since this button is going to be a payment processor, the actual amount to pay will be set remotely by the marketplace engine.
    2. The only currency managed by the marketplace is USD at this moment.
  • Check all the coins you want to accept when an user pays. You don’t need to accept them all, but it would be better for you if you want to expand your cryptos portfolio.
It is important to say that, when a coin is disabled or removed from BCF, it wont be listed on the wizard when the user picks the coins to pay an order.
Also, when coins are added to BCF, you will have to manually edit the button and select the new coins if you want to receive payments with them.

Advanced settings

These aren’t used at the moment. Skip them.

Premium settings

Here you’ll provide crucial information for the button:

  • Description: set a description for the button as instructed. Remember that this button is a payment processor, so stating something like “Payment processor for <My store name> store on Blockchain Financial Marketplace” will be enough as a reminder for the buyer.
  • Custom logo: it is not mandatory, but will add presence to your brand on the widget.
  • Callback URL: this is the most important field! You must set here the marketplace endpoint for processing orders:
  • Restrict public access to basic analytics: you should check this option unless you want everyone to know how much you’ve earned.

That’s all. Save the button and the websites browser will be refreshed, and you’re going to need three things from it:

  1. The public key. By clicking on it, it will be copied to the clipboard.
  2. The secret key. By clicking on “View”, it will be popped up and you’ll be able to select it and copy it to the clipboard.
  3. The button id. 

Step 4: adding the payment details to your store

Back to your store settings (refer to Step 1 to remember how to get there), you need to set the last three data fields on the integration form:

That’s all for the setup! After you submit the form, you’ll be ready to add products!

Adding products

You can add products or maintain your existing products from “My Store”:

The product edition form is self explained. You just need to take the next things in consideration when adding products:

  • Read our Terms and Conditions and look at the “Vendors code”, specially on the list of illegal or questionable items, and do not post anything that may fall in that category.
  • If you can’t find a good category for your product, ask us to add it. We’ll handle category addition requests ASAP.
  • Enter a short description. It is crucial!
  • There is no support for automated shipping rates calculation. You must either include the shipping fee in the price of the product or tell the users that shipping cost has to be added when paying. Either way, you must be really explicit or you will end up paying the shipping fee.
  • Both in the short description and the full description, tell the users which coins you accept for payments.
  • Use the SEO settings on the form to increase the quality of your product page, both for search engines and social networks. Though this info is filled automatically if not specified, having a very well thought set of details here will raise your chance to succeed.

Happy selling!