A special kind of store

 The BCF Marketplace has been created as an open multi-vendor store where everyone can buy and sell goods and services using any or all of the cryptocurrencies supported by BCF Wallet Services.

The basics

 This marketplace behaves just like any WooCommerce-powered store with multi-vendor capabilities, having a single payment gateway that supports multiple currencies on the same order. Vendors are Premium BCF users that have created a CryptoWiz button that serves as payment processor for orders placed by shoppers.

When an order is placed, the shopper is directed to the CryptoWiz widget page of the vendor’s button at BCF, where they can select the coins that will be used to fulfill the payment within the vendor’s preferences. Once the payment is submitted, the vendor is notified so the purchased items are delivered.


  • To place a purchase order, you need to register on this marketplace before getting to the checkout page.
  • To pay for that order, you need to have an existing account at BCF and enough balance on the wallets where you’ll take the coins from.
  • To create your own store and gain access to the selling area, you first need to have a Premium account at BCF. Note: you don’t need to own any coin on your wallets before making your store here.

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Costs and fees

  • No purchase fees whatsoever: buy without paying anything extra to us.
  • No selling fees are added by our storefront software. You only pay the fees for incoming transactions (once you receive the coins) as listed on the Supported Wallets Fees and Rates page.
  • Becoming a vendor has a small fee of USD $10 per account setup, as listed on the BCF Products and Plans page.

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Needing more details?

Please take a minute to send us a message using our contact form and we’ll gladly clear all your doubts.